Great Money Saving Tips

It can be scary right out of college or even just starting a new job when you’re surrounded by seasoned professionals. I know when I was a young professional, I was terrified of my boss. He was an ex Marine and former college soccer coach, so he had one volume (loud) and didn’t really know how to not yell. Aside from his volume, he ended up being one of my greatest advisors and now dearest friends.

You see, as a young and eager professional, the world is literally at your fingertips. Why? Because you haven’t been tainted yet by negative exposure or ego; it’s literally like a fresh beginning.

It’s time to take advantage of the opportunity you’ve been given.

Utilize your surroundings. Whether it’s the CEO, the office assistant, or the intern who always dresses on point, take advantage of the people around you and they benefits they provide. Maybe the office manager has some great money saving tips you can borrow for when you have to budget for your own business, or you catch the CEO at the coffee maker for a quick chat; regardless of who it is, everyone has something to offer.

Be a sponge. Listen and absorb everything. This is a time to ask questions, to WANT to know more, to NEED to know more. This is the time to take on new and challenging projects and shape your professional self. This is your time.

The scarier the better. If they need someone to work on an investor presentation and the deadline is tight and the workload is high, do it. Show initiative, take the challenge and reap the benefits. What’s the worse that can happen? You learn something new about something super cool and you get in front of the important people in your office? Sounds like a good deal to me.

Network, network, network. Ask your boss who they have happy hour with and if you can join. Invite coworkers over for some friendly drinks and office chat. Always carry a business card and always smile. You never know when an opportunity will present itself and the only way to even get a shot at these opportunities is to look for them.

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